Vancouver Utilities for Unix, Linux,& Windows

  1. summary - Brief Description of Vancouver Utilities (following this home-page)
  2. UVdemos1 - Subset of UVdemos2, an easy way to try out the Vancouver Utilities
    - UVdemos1 demos can be run with a userid/password login to the UV Software web site
    - And without having to download & install the software on your machine.
  3. UVdemos2 - demo Vancouver Utilities (uvcopy,uvsort,uvlist,uvhd,etc) & most useful of 500+ scripts
    - SelectJobs,TableJobs,UVscripts,uvhelp,uvfix,scan/replace,demo datafiles,expected results
  4. uvhelp - help menus for most useful Unix & Vancovuer Utility commands
  5. Program User Guides - uvhd,uvlist,uvoverlay,uvsort,uvcopy,uvcp,uvqrpg,uvhdcob
  6. UVtrain - Training Guide: uvhd, uvlist, uvcp, uvsort, uvcopy
  7. Pre-Programmed jobs - SelectJobs,SELECTjobs2,TableJobs,TABLEjobs2,CNVaids,CMPjobs,
  8. Install Guides - for Vancouver Utilities on Unix/Linux and Windows
  9. UV Software JCL Conversion Advantages
    - We believe that UV Software has the most complete mainframe JCL conversion available
  10. Mainframe Conversion - converting mainframe JCL/COBOL/DATA to Linux/Unix/windows
    - JCLcnv1demo,JCLcnv2real,JCLcnv3aids,DATAcnv1,DATAcnv2,
  11. Conversion Aids - summary of supporting aids for JCL,COBOL,& DATA conversions
  12. DATAcnv1.doc - Converting mainframe EBCDIC DATA to ASCII for Linux/Unix/Windows
    - Conversion jobs automatically generated from copybooks
    - preserving packed/binary fields (would be destroyed by translates)
    - Or unpack/edit to all text delimited files for loading database tables
  13. Data Utilities Summary - intro to all utilities (uvhd,uvhdcob,uvsort,uvcp,uvlist,uvcopy)
  14. Data File Comparison - great for files wwith packed/binary (vs diff for text files)
    - print record pairs in vertical hexadecimal '*' flag differences
  15. Administration for Unix/Linux - profiles, Directory Design, crontabs, backups, console logging, etc
  16. Free Utility Downloads - Vancouver Utility samples (uvhd,uvhdcob,printctl1,etc)
  17. Free Scripts Downloads - 50 most useful general purpose scripts of 500+ available
  18. Test/Demo - more testfiles, problems,& solutions surpassing standard system utiities
  19. Database SQL demos - test/demo MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, COBOL & C APIs
  20. UVprices - price lists and license agreements
  21. UVintro - Package Overview, Customer List, Customer References, etc
  22. Photo Gallery - Vancouver Maps & Owen's photos

Contact:  Owen Townsend,  UV Software Inc.,  4667 Hoskins Rd.,  North Vancouver BC,  Canada V7K2R3
Tel: 604-980-5434,  Fax: 604-980-5404,  Web:

The Vancouver Utilities - Brief Description

This package has been extensively used to convert Mainframe systems (COBOL, JCL, & DATA) to Unix, Linux, or Windows with SFU. If MVS JCL conversion is your priority, please see the details at JCLcnv1demo.htm If you need VSE JCL conversion, please see VSEJCL.htm

This package fills the gaps in Unix/Linux/Windows systems that were provided by data management utilities on the mainframes. For example mainframes had DATA and SORT utilities that could process sequential and indexed files with fixed record lengths and without linefeeds. Unix & Linux systems have many utilities to process text files, but none to process these mainframe file types. If you used SYNCSORT on the mainframe, you will be interested to know that uvsort can supply most Syncsort functions on Unix,Linux,and Windows systems at a fraction of the cost.

A major obstacle to migrating mainframe applciations is the lack of GDG (Generation Data Group) files on unix/linux systems. The Vancouver Utilities supply a set of functions to process GDG files on unix/linux systems.

The Vancouver Utilities is more than conversion tools. It is a general purpose package of powerful data manipulation, file maintenance, and text scanning tools. These tools can perform whatever kind of raw data conversion you require, such as converting packed data to numeric, translating EBCDIC to ASCII, extracting data from complex variable length files, etc.

For DATA conversion, please see DATAcnv1.htm . Mainframe conversions are major projects and UV Software can supply onsite training and assistance in the use of these conversion tools.

The Vancouver Utilities supply the complete solution for migrating your 'batch' applications (JCL, COBOL,& DATA) to Unix, Linux, or Windows/SFU. They do not supply 'online' (CICS) solutions, but they can assist online migrations by converting data files to all text pipe delimited files, suitable for loading relational data bases. Any packed decimal fields are unpacked and edited with separate signs and decimal places.

Converting EBCDIC data files to ASCII is usually driven by the COBOL copybooks (record layouts). But if copybooks are not available the record layouts can be automatically generated by scanning the EBCDIC data, using the unique codes for packed decimal signs and zoned signs. For details please see DATAcnv1.htm in the Mainframe Conversion Library.

The 'uvcopy' and 'uvsort' utilities can process Fixed length Indexed files, compatible with Micro Focus COBOL IDXFORMAT1 and C-ISAM/D-ISAM. In addition, the 'uxcopy' and 'uxsort' utilities can process Variable length Indexed files, compatible with Micro Focus COBOL IDXFORMAT3 or IDXFORMAT8. These utilities save you from having to write programs (in COBOL or C) to perform file maintenance and sorting on these indexed files and/or files without the linefeeds required by the Unix & Linux utilities. Please note that the Unix system sort utility is totally inadequate since it cannot sort fixed length records without linefeeds or sort on packed decimal fields.

If you are interested in Mainframe Conversion, the Vancouver Utilities can help you with more than just great conversion tools. From the experience of more than 50 successful conversions, many system design & operational techniques have been developed & documented. Environmental variable '$RUNDATA' (defined in .profiles) allow programmers to access test data files, and operators to access production files, while both groups use the same JCL/scripts with no changes required. A similar variable '$RUNLIBS' can be used for separate test/production libraries. The profiles & directory structure are critical. Please see the suggested profiles & directory designs in Parts 1 & 3 of JCLcnv1demo.htm.

If you are a mainframer and want to learn more about unix/linux, profiles, directory design, cron, backups, console logging, etc; then ADMjobs is a great place to start. ADMjobs will give you the guidance you need to set up your unix/linux system regardless of whether you are a customer for the Vancouver Utility conversions.

For example, the 'profile' setup design provides great flexibility & makes administration easy. Profiles are split into 2 files (stub_profile,& common_profile). The stub_profile is copied to home directories of programmers & operators, and renamed as .profile (unix ksh) or .bash_profile (linux bash). The 'stub' calls the common_profile which sets up the PATH's to system software & application directories.

This system makes user administration easy. The administrator can change the common_profile in 1 central location, and those changes will be effective the next time the programmers/operators login. For example the definitions for RUNDATA/RUNLIBS is easily changed. The stub_profiles define these as testdata/testlibs or production data/libraries depending on whether the user is a programmer or operator. Note that you are welcome to download the profiles and many more valuable scripts that you may find on the web site.

UV Software can also provide a Data Conversion Service. You may have IBM EBCDIC files with packed decimal fields that you need to convert to ASCII character '|' pipe delimited files for loading Relational Databases. You can upload the files to the UV Software web-site with a supplied userid/password. The conversion is automated if you can supply the COBOL copybook describing the data field types & lengths. Note that UV Software can handle complex files with variable length records, multiple record types, etc.

The Vancouver Utilities are useful to any Unix/Linux/Windows site that requires general purpose utilities for data conversion, record selection, sorting, and reporting including powerful table analysis. For example mailing list providers have made good use of the powerful record selection and table summary reporting. Please see customer comment letters at uvintro.htm#H1 .

The Vancouver Utilities include a powerful Report Program Generator. You can quickly create reports with multiple total levels, and unlimited summary tables sorted on desired fields. Ten lines of 'uvqrpg' code does the work of thousands of lines of COBOL code. Please see uvqrpg.htm for complete details. These utilities provide Unix, Linux,& Windows systems with the functionality of IBM mainframe utilities such as QuikJob, Easytrieve, Ditto, etc.

Perhaps even more impressive is TableJobs.htm . These pre-programmed jobs allow you to read any data file, building summary tables by any argument (product#, salesman#, customer#, state, area code, etc). Record counts are automatic & you can specify any 2 other fields (quantity,$amounts,etc) to be accumulated & summarized by each unique table argument. At end of file the table is written out (with % calculations on the detail lines of the 100% total line) & you are prompted for disposition (view or print).

These web pages are one example of the power and versatility of the uvcopy utility. Since the Vancouver Utility legacy documentation followed a consistent set of rules (for page headings, topic codes, etc), we wrote a uvcopy job to automatically convert the legacy documentation to HTML. To appreciate the labour savings please see the 'permuted keyword index' at the end of major documents such as JCLcnv1demo.htm Index . Over 2000 hyperlinks are generated automatically in this 1 document alone & over 60,000 in all documents.

The Vancouver Utility package may also be run under SFU, UWIN or CYGWIN, which are Unix/Linux emulators that run under Windows. Source code packages may be compiled under 'gcc' available for Windows.

Native Windows/DOS versions of Vancouver Utilities are also available. These run in a DOS Command Window under Windows. This is an executables only package (vs the complete package which includes source code for compilation on your machine).

Please call or E-mail for more information on any topic of interest to you.

Owen Townsend,  UV Software Inc.,  4667 Hoskins Rd.,  North Vancouver BC,  Canada V7K2R3
Tel: 604-980-5434,  Fax: 604-980-5404,  Web:

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UV Software is a Partner with Micro Focus
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UV Software is also a partner in the Micro Focus
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Micro Focus is the most effective way to migrate mainframe COBOL applications to unix, linux,& windows systems.


Telebig is a leading provider of mainframe migration solutions in Europe
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Indexed file handler compatible with Micro Focus COBOL
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Source Recovery LLC is recognized as the ONLY company
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Free Software Downloadable from UV Software

  • file investigation utility for files that do not have LineFeeds & may contain Packed/Binary data
  • the all time favorite tool in Vancouver Utilities
  • see freestuff.htm to download.
  • CGI Perl program to display hit counters month by month for this year & last (see sample below).
  • called by a 1 line SSI in your HTML documents
  • creates counter files in a subdirectory (cgi-bin/ctrs).
  • see htmljobs.htm#Part_3 to download.

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UV Software has a complete solution for conversion of mainframe
MVS or VSE JCL, COBOL,& DATA batch systems to Unix or Linux.
Over 50 succesful conversions including global corporations & government agencies.
Please see demo conversions & detailed explanations at:

You may send samples of your files for conversion & return by email.
You may download 1 free utility from:
'uvhd' displays data files with packed/binary fields in 'vertical hexadecimal',
and includes many interactive functions (browse,search,select,update,print,etc).

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