Vancouver Utilities for Unix, Linux,& Windows

  1. About UV Software - History & Summary of Services Provided (following this home-page)
  2. PhotoApps - applications based on bash shell scripts & Linux Command Line Utilities
    - run useful apps with test/demo files provided, then adapt for your files
    - great way for Linux newbies to self-educate using bash scripts
  3. UVdemos1 - Subset of UVdemos2, an easy way to try out the Vancouver Utilities
    - UVdemos1 demos can be run with a userid/password login to the UV Software web site
    - And without having to download & install the software on your machine.
  4. UVdemos2 - demo Vancouver Utilities (uvcopy,uvsort,uvlist,uvhd,etc) & most useful of 500+ scripts
    - SelectJobs,TableJobs,UVscripts,uvhelp,uvfix,scan/replace,demo datafiles,expected results
  5. uvhelp - help menus for most useful Unix & Vancovuer Utility commands
  6. Program User Guides - uvhd,uvlist,uvoverlay,uvsort,uvcopy,uvcp,uvqrpg,uvhdcob
  7. UVtrain - Training Guide: uvhd, uvlist, uvcp, uvsort, uvcopy
  8. Pre-Programmed jobs - SelectJobs,SELECTjobs2,TableJobs,TABLEjobs2,CNVaids,CMPjobs,
  9. Install Guides - for Vancouver Utilities on Unix/Linux and Windows
  10. UV Software JCL Conversion Advantages
    - We believe that UV Software has the most complete mainframe JCL conversion available
  11. Mainframe Conversion - converting mainframe JCL/COBOL/DATA to Linux/Unix/windows
    - JCLcnv1demo,JCLcnv2real,JCLcnv3aids,DATAcnv1,DATAcnv2,
  12. Conversion Aids - summary of supporting aids for JCL,COBOL,& DATA conversions
  13. DATAcnv1.doc - Converting mainframe EBCDIC DATA to ASCII for Linux/Unix/Windows
    - Conversion jobs automatically generated from copybooks
    - preserving packed/binary fields (would be destroyed by translates)
    - Or unpack/edit to all text delimited files for loading database tables
  14. Data Utilities Summary - intro to all utilities (uvhd,uvhdcob,uvsort,uvcp,uvlist,uvcopy)
  15. Data File Comparison - great for files wwith packed/binary (vs diff for text files)
    - print record pairs in vertical hexadecimal '*' flag differences
  16. Administration for Unix/Linux - profiles, Directory Design, crontabs, backups, console logging, etc
  17. Free Utility Downloads - Vancouver Utility samples (uvhd,uvhdcob,printctl1,etc)
  18. Free Scripts Downloads - 50 most useful general purpose scripts of 500+ available
  19. Test/Demo - more testfiles, problems,& solutions surpassing standard system utiities
  20. Database SQL demos - test/demo MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, COBOL & C APIs
  21. UVprices - price lists and license agreements
  22. UVintro - Package Overview, Customer List, Customer References, etc
  23. Photo Gallery - Vancouver Maps & Owen's photos

Contact:  Owen Townsend,  UV Software Inc.,  4667 Hoskins Rd.,  North Vancouver BC,  Canada V7K2R3
Tel: 604-980-5434,  Web:

About Vancouver Utilities - History & summary of Services Provided

UV Software was formed in 1993 primarily to assist mainframe users to convert their applications to run on the much less expensive hardware & software afforded by Unix and Linux systems. President Owen Townsend is assisted by son Dirk & grandson Bernat.

As of April 2021, We have had over 70 customers in Canada, the United States, Chile, England, France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Latvia, India, China, and Hong Kong. See Customer lists & reference letters in uvintro

Mainframe JCL/COBOL/DATA Conversions to Unix/Linux

Mainframe JCL is converted to shell scripts. The converter handles over 40 IBM and 3rd party utilities, such as: DFSORT,SYNCSORT,IEFBR14,IDCAMS,IEBCOPY,IEBGENER,ICEGENER, ICETOOL,FTP, IKJEFT01,DSNTIAUL,DSNUTILB,ADRDSSU,QUIKJOB,EASYTRIEVE,XMITIP,etc.

Mainframe COBOL can be converted to Micro Focus, IT COBOL, GNU COBOL, or JAVA. There are several other providers to handle COBOL to JAVA conversion. UV Software will convert the COBOL calls to whatever JAVA call syntax is required.

Mainframe DATA is automatically converted guided by the COBOL copybook record definitions. EBCDIC character fields are translated to ASCII, and packed/binary fields are preserved as is, because these fields are expected to be the same on Linux, and would be destroyed by translation.

Data File Utilities for ongoing maintenance

The Vancouver Utilities are much more than conversion tools. They are a general purpose package of powerful data manipulation & file maintenance tools. These tools can perform whatever kind of data conversion you require, such as converting packed data to numeric, translating EBCDIC to ASCII, extracting data from complex variable length files, etc.

These utilities understand mainframe concepts such as 'packed decimal' fields, 'Indexed files' (compatible with Micro Focus COBOL),& field addressing by column# (common in mainframe utilities, but not in unix utilities).

These utilities save you from having to write programs (in COBOL or C) to perform file maintenance and sorting on mainframe type files without the linefeeds required by the Unix & Linux utilities. The Unix system sort utility is totally inadequate since it cannot sort fixed length records without linefeeds or sort on packed decimal fields.

GDG file support

Unix systems have no support for GDG (Generation Data Group) files that are common on the mainframe, and UV Software has written functions to supply similar functionality. Our system does not commit new generations until the JCL stream reaches Normal EOJ, so you can just correct & rerun failing jobs without having to recover some generations.

Directory design, Profiles, Environmental Variables

Our recommended directory structures, profiles,& environmental variables provide great flexibility for conversion, testing,& production. Environmental Variables 'RUNLIBS' & 'RUNDATA' in programmer & operations profiles control the paths to execute programs & access data files. You never need to modify JCL/scripts to execute for testing or production. Different programmers can have different sets of test data files by setting the RUNDATA variable in their profile. See more details at JCLcnv1demo Part_1

Please call or E-mail for more information on any topic of interest to you.

Owen Townsend,  UV Software Inc.,  4667 Hoskins Rd.,  North Vancouver BC,  Canada V7K2R3
Tel: 604-980-5434,  Web:

Associated Partner Links


Cothern Computer Systems, Jackson MS.
We have a longtime partnership with Cothern, who use our JCL conversions,
We call upon them for complex data base conversions & mainframe ASSEMBLER to COBOL.
Contact Walter Camp or Jerry Thomas at:


Indexed file handler compatible with Micro Focus COBOL
Please contact Heinz Wittenbecher at:


UV Software is a Partner with Micro Focus
Micro Focus is the industry standard COBOL.
UV Software can help convert your batch applications


UV Software is also a partner in the Micro Focus
"Migration & Transformation Consortium".
Micro Focus is the most effective way to migrate mainframe COBOL applications to unix, linux,& windows systems.


Free Software Downloadable from UV Software

  • file investigation utility for files that do not have LineFeeds & may contain Packed/Binary data
  • the all time favorite tool in Vancouver Utilities
  • see freestuff.htm to download.

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UV Software has a complete solution for conversion of mainframe
MVS or VSE JCL, COBOL,& DATA batch systems to Unix or Linux.
Over 70 succesful conversions including global corporations & government agencies.
Please see demo conversions & detailed explanations at:

You may send samples of your files for conversion & return by email.
You may download 1 free utility from:
'uvhd' displays data files with packed/binary fields in 'vertical hexadecimal',
and includes many interactive functions (browse,search,select,update,print,etc).

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