Free Trial Conversion of mainframe JCL & COBOL

UV Software offers free trial conversion of your mainframe JCL & COBOL. We will convert your JCL to Korn or Bash shell scripts and your mainframe COBOL to Micro Focus COBOL, COBOL-IT, or AIX COBOL. We will return the results along with cross-references and reports showing how much manual effort would be required to complete the conversion.

We will create a report showing you the clean compile percentage and a summary of the COBOL compile error types. Before our fine tuning, the clean compile percentage is usually only about 30%, but after optimizing COBOL conversion, we usually improve this to over 90%.

No data files are required for the JCL/COBOL conversion & analysis, but if desired you could send a few test data files to execute a small standalone JCL/COBOL applications requiring only sequential & Indexed (VSAM) files. we will return the output files/reports for comparison to the mainframe.

At this point you will be asking yourself "How can UV Software afford to spend time converting JCL/COBOL and return results with no obligation ?".

You could use the converted COBOL source, but you would need to purchase the Vancouver Utilities software package to run the converted JCL/scripts as explained in the following section.

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Requirements to Execute the Converted JCL/scripts

Executing the converted JCL/scripts requires the installation of the Vancouver Utilities software package for several good reasons as follows:

  1. The shell scripts are designed to work under the profiles provided. The profiles define several environmental variables such as RUNLIBS & RUNDATA which provide great flexibility - you could even have both test & production systems on the same machine. More realistic would be providing different sets of test data for different different programmers without ever having to change the JCL/scripts.

  2. The shell scripts call several functions which are part of the Vancouver utility package. 'jobset51' is called at the beginning of all converted JCL/scripts to setup the job environment depending on RUNLIBS/RUNDATA and allows for restart at any step. 'jobend51' or 'jobabend51' are called at the end of each JCL/script to report Normal or Abnormal termination, and restore new generation files or warn of failure & return the error condition code.

  3. Mainframe generation file definitions (GDGs) are converted to functions 'exportgen0' & 'exportgen1'. These provide generation file handling for Unix/Linux/Windows systems which have no native equivalents for GDG files. The VU GDG system reproduces mainframe GDG handling in that new generations are not committed until the job reaches Normal Termination, which allows you to rerun failed jobs without having to restore prior generations. Note that the AIX 'gdgmgr' commits new generations immediately which is a serious inconvenience.

  4. Mainframe utilities are converted to UV Software equivalents. Mainframe SORT steps (DFSORT or SYNCSORT) are converted to 'uvsort'. Others such as IDCAMS, IEBGENER,IEBCOPY,QUIKJOB,EASYTRIEVE are converted to 'uvcp' or 'uvcopy'. Mainframe FTP parameter syntax is converted to the unix/linux syntax. In total, there are over 30 mainframe or 3rd party utilities that are converted to Vancouver Utilities or an equivalent Unix/Linux utility.

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UV Software's Proposal

UV Software will convert your JCL/COBOL and return results at no charge. If you decide to proceed, the minimum cost would be the purchase of the Vancouver Utility package ($9600 US). However, most customers would require on-site training & assistance to get your conversion & testing started quickly.

UV Software would help you convert your data files at your site, since they are usually too sensitive to convert ahead of time as for the JCL & COBOL. We have tools to determine the "essential files" that need to be FTP'd and we can generate FTP JCL to transfer all these essential files. On the target system, we generate data conversion jobs from the COBOL copybooks, and all these jobs can be executed with 1 command.

UV Software recommends 5 or 6 weeks on-site. The total cost of software, training, support,& maintenance would be about $50,000 if your team can complete the conversion. UV Software will be pleased to provide further support as required, either on-site or by email and telephone. See the web site for very reasonable support costs and how much is covered by the maintenance program - details at

The above economies could apply if you had an all batch system of JCL, COBOL, and flat/VSAM files without databases and online/CICS systems. In this case, UV Software can supply all the tools, training,& assistance that you need.

In the more likely case that you do have DB2 & CICS, UV Software recommends using the services of a partner (Cothern Computer Systems) to assist in the conversion, especially if you have older databases such as IMS.

JCL may include steps such as IKJEFT01,DSNTIAUL,DSNUPROC,DSNTIULB to execute DB2 SQL commands and load/unload DB2 tables to/from flat files. UV Software converts these to script calls and the script coding is provided by Cothern.

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Data Conversion

UV Software can convert all your flat files (sequential & VSAM) from mainframe EBCDIC to ASCII on Linux/Unix/Windows, preserving any packed/binary fields, which must remain the same for LUW COBOLS (Micro-Focus, COBOL-IT, AIX COBOL) as for mainframe COBOL.

Data Conversion jobs are generated automatically from the COBOL copybooks. These data conversion jobs usually require no changes before execution. Files/copybooks with multiple record-types will generate a separate bank of instructions to preserve packed/binary fields for each record-type. You will need to insert a few instructions to test the record type & branch to the appropriate bank of auto-generated instructions for that record-type.

This powerful data conversion language can convert the most complex files you might have - variable length, occurs depending on, etc.

You can execute all jobs to convert all data files with 1 command, which is convenient since you may need to convert several times during the conversion & testing period. Also note that we can also generate the JCL required to FTP all your data files from the mainframe to Linux/Unix/Windows.

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COBOL, Database, CICS alternatives

Most UV Software conversions have used Micro Focus COBOL, but we also have experience with AIX COBOL, and COBOL-IT. As noted above if you had all flat/VSAM files with no database or CICS, COBOL might be the only software you would need beyond the Vancouver Utilities package.

For Database on Linux/Unix/Windows, you might choose DB2, Oracle, or Microsoft SQL Server (which is soon available on Linux as well as on Windows).

For CICS replacement, you might choose Micro Focus Enterprise Server or AIX CICS (TX Series software available on AIX, Linux,& Windows). Your on-line COBOL programs and screens can then be executed by either MF Enterprise Server or TX Series CICS.

Your batch COBOL programs will be executed by the Korn or Bash shell scripts converted from your mainframe batch JCL. This is far more flexible than using the Micro Focus JCL emulator, which does not allow you to call all the open source and 3rd party utilities available on Linux/Unix/Windows. You would need to write a COBOL program to call shell scripts or open source and 3rd party utilities.

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I invite your feedback. Let me know if these news letters are useful to you, and any suggestions you may have for improvements.

Thank You, Owen Townsend, UV Software Inc.

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